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The search for unique vintage clothes and accessories started way before the initial conception of the idea of Evocative Thread Treasures. Eleni Aivali, its founder, started collecting vintage jewelry and clothes during her college days when she was based in London studying photography. That’s where her love for vintage flourished as she fell in love with thrifting.
Evocative Thread Treasures
During her time abroad, she traveled all around the world discovering different vintage sellers, learning about how to curate and source one-of-a-kind accessories and clothes, and how to properly take care of vintage treasures. A few years later she returned to Greece, and she felt the thrifting and vintage scene was missing something. There wasn’t the same passion and curated selection in thrifting in Greece as she saw in London and abroad. Thus began the Instagram page that started it all.
Evocative Thread Treasures
Evocative Thread Treasures
Evocative Thread Treasures started gaining a following fairly quickly, grabbing the attention of many actors and actresses as well as stylists. Once she found the right store space, she began creating what she envisioned as a modern, hidden treasure cave of pristine-condition vintage goods. Modeling it after the stores in London (with the iconic colorful door), the Evocative Thread Treasures store is cozy, bright and comfortable. Evocative Thread Treasures items have appeared in multiple publications and TV shows, and are highly favored by many popular creatives, stylists, actors and musicians.
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